Phuket- the silent Vung Tau of Thailand

Before anything, I need to seriously apologise for not sticking to my words. I promised during exams period that I would spend more time creating content and writing down thoughts for this blog but I have not been able to do so. I have no excuses. Actually, I do but they are just the reasons anyone could say to cover up for their laziness and unwillingness. So I’m sorry, and I will try to bring myself to write more if not I would hate myself forever.

Let me get started on this. I had an impromptu trip to Phuket, Thailand literally right after our exams ended. Our flight was at around 8pm so we had to rush to the airport for dinner. I still held uncertain thoughts since I was ridiculously paranoid about tsunami which could happen in Phuket anytime.

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Me before departing

After a 2-hour flight, we finally arrived at Phuket. It was around 9PM when we landed, but we could only started moving to our hotel at 10PM due to the long queue at the sim card service booth. It was kinda disappointing to me since the same service at Bangkok was much faster. Anyways, after another 45 min on the taxi, we finally arrived at our resort: Nipa resort. To be honest, it was not up to my expectation. The resort looked much better on their website and Agoda. The “balcony” we imagined to be facing the beach turned out to be just a small one facing concrete walls. Nonetheless, the room size was ok and the bed was amazing. I could easily forget uncomfortable stuff as long as I lie on a super comfy bed. The minus point here to me would be the lack of small facilities like toothpaste, slippers. You need to ask for slippers by calling the concierge, and toothpaste will not be provided. This was partly my fault for not bringing our own toothpaste as I thought all hotels would at least provide a small tube (at least for those that I have stayed at). Putting things aside, we went to bed at 11PM to prepare ourselves for the next day.

Day 1:

We planned to wake up at 8AM, go down for breakfast and head to the beach, but we failed to haha. Instead, we woke up at almost 10AM, went down for the last slot of breakfast (btw the food here is not really nice and worth your money so if you have the chance, do some research and enjoy the cuisine somewhere else!) and headed to the beach at around 1PM or 2PM. I know, it was not a really good time to expose yourself to the sun but it was the only good time slot we could give ourselves if we still wanted to stick to our plan. The beach was 10 min away from my resort and we had to spend almost half an hour trying to find a sheltered place to lock our things. I was so amazed that they didn’t have locker service for tourists to keep their things. Maybe they don’t expect people to bring too many things that would not fit a beach chair. Finally, I was able to enjoy the sea and the fresh air (and the blazing sun) with my guy!

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At Patong beach, Phuket

The beach was pretty much like Vung Tau, Vietnam. I still prefer Vung Tau beach as the waves at Patong were too strong sometimes and I dislike strong waves, which always make me think the Ocean is angry and we are all gonna be swept away in split seconds.

That night we had a good dinner at a restaurant by the beach, of which the name I have forgotten. Speaking of Thai cuisine, you can never leave out Pad Thai, Tom Yum, their fried fish and Thai milk tea in your meals. Please those are the must-try! I’ve tried them all and they’re amazing. The combination of flavours just explodes in your mouth. One second later your taste could be soothed by the cooling milk tea or a plate of papaya salad. If there’s anything you do not want to miss in Thailand, it must be the authentic food here!

Day 2:

Day 2 was my most favourite day as I got to wander around Phuket and explored different interesting places beside the beach that it has been well-known for. We went for brunch at a small noodle shop recommended by online reviews. The noodle tasted like “mì gõ” at home and it was so so cheap! We also had Thai milk tea there and it was my first time trying it. I realised why people love it so much. The richness in taste, the balance between the sweetness of milk and the bitterness of tea and the just right amount of sugar make the milk tea kinda addicting. I had it a few more times the following days.

After filling up our empty stomaches, we headed to the Trick Eye Museum located just next-door (within 2-minute walk). It was my first time going to a trick eye museum and it was fun. Although i would think the service is a bit overrated, the time spent with your favourite person doing interesting stuff is never a waste. Below are some of the funny photos taken there:

Next is my most favourite part of the trip! So before departing, I did some random search on Instagram and found this lovely cafe called The Hidden Pot. Check out their Instagram if you love cafe-hopping at pretty places. The cafe lived up to its name in a way that it was literally hidden from the centre of Phuket and in a small corner of what looked like a village. The cafe was so so so lovely with pretty decorations and Instagram-able corners. The food was not so special but I just loved the ambience so much I was not interested in the food and drinks anymore haha. My boyfriend and I chilled there for almost 2 hours, trying to escape the blazing sun outside. Check out the photos below, you will love the place.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
The lovely corner with good lighting for pretty photos
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
That’s me trying to make use of the good lighting there haha
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Taken by boyfriend while reading the menu


That pretty much concluded my highlights for the trip. Aside from that, we went to the beach one last time before we left but the waves were too strong we had to go back after 10 minutes of screaming (sorry). I also tried Thai massage at 2 different places: 1 at the hotel (not worth trying) and 1 at the professional massage place, which I forgot the name again (sorry…). My boyfriend and I wanted to go for an elephant ride but we didn’t have the chance to. Well, maybe next time.

To conclude, after 2 trips to Thailand, I would say I prefer Bangkok to Phuket. Although Phuket feels like Vung Tau, Bangkok feels more like Saigon, where I came from. I love the vibrancy and the modernity of Bangkok. Plus, we have more things to do there than in Phuket. Overall, Phuket is just a small and less developed city than Bangkok. Anyways, til next time, Thailand!



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