The once-in-a-blue-moon luck with discounts

So it’s been a really long time since my first post here. I know I promised to dedicate myself and more time to this blog but I have not been able to do it. To state an excuse, I have been extremely busy for the past few weeks as my school term wrapped up and all the deadlines kept coming up. The good news is: all the freaking tight schedules with back-to-back projects have ended!! Now I just need to push myself a little bit more and this term will officially end, including all the dragging exams.

Back to the main topic, I am so so happy to be able to buy a ZARA bag at a super discounted price! Yes I have to bold and underline it because I was never lucky with discounts. Trust me. Every time I go shopping and buy stuff, I will make my purchase either before or after they have the discounts. Even if I am lucky enough to enter a store with stuff on sales, I would end up buying nothing or enjoying very minimal benefits (like 10% discount = 5k VND or buy 1 get 1 free but the free stuff are clearance stuff). So this time, I am really really happy that I could buy a ZARA bag at 50% discount! It’s the Plain cross-body bag that I have been looking at but did not want to buy since the price is higher than my self-allowed budget.

To explain a bit as to why I love this bag. Since December 2015 (yes I remember exactly when haha), I started to love the pastel shades, especially mint, light blue and this pastel pink as you can see above. It’s not the hot pink or any kind of pink, it must be this light, elegant and sweet shade. At the same time, I wanted to buy a cross-body bag just to have more choices to mix-and-match with my clothes.

Just the day before I was scrolling through the website and realised that this bag was on sale! Yes, from $49.40 to $25.90! I immediately asked my boyfriend’s opinion on this, and of course I had known his answer even before asking. It was definitely a yes. After our heavy dinner at Saigon Baguette, we quickly sailed out to ZARA@Bayfront. Unfortunately, the bag we got was the last stock and we were not satisfied with the quality so we decided to check out the outlet@Vivo City and we got it! Here’s the very first ZARA bag that is officially mine now (:

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
My very first ZARA and cross-body bag (:

Of course I could not hold my excitement so I decided to test out the bag today. The material is smooth and really nice to touch. The colour is lovely and the capacity is big enough to hold my Charles & Keith wallet haha. The strap is a bit heavy but it’s ok I guess.

Ok enough of my head-over-heel love with this bag haha. I will try to update the blog more after my exams. As of now, fighting me and see ya again!!


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