Let’s get started!

Hmm ok, hi…me! Haha yeah I’m not intending to publicise this blog anytime soon. Anyways, I have decided to start a blog (yay!), my aspiration corner and a professional one, not the tumblr kind where I can rant about random stuff.

So I am having difficulty familiarising myself with WordPress and its tools. I know VietCham’s website is a WordPress base too, but all I do is posting news and stuff so I am not quite sure how all the designing and paging works here. I will try to figure things out soon!

Not only that, I need to find a suitable header too. I should start using this as a platform to learn more about professional design. I will begin from choosing and sharing inspiring interior photos and learn from the way they make arrangement for photo-taking. Regarding this, Pinterest is really a great source of inspiration. I need to check it out more often.

You may be wondering why I started doing this? It is because I finally found someone inspiring. Her name is Julia Doan. She is a famous fashion blogger who followed her dreams to get to where she is today. I just got to know her recently. I mean I kinda heard about her before but I did not pay too much attention. When I started stalking her on Instagram, I see and feel so much inspiration in her posts. I went on to check out her Facebook and her own blog. It’s pretty cool and really how I want to be in the future. Recently, I have developed my love for fashion and for the simplicity yet elegancy in matching outfits. I love how accessories could help highlight the simple mix-and-match. I love people who follow their dreams and are not trapped in the mundane working cycle in offices. That’s why I find Julia as my inspiration (not obsession)

So yeah, I will learn from her from now on. Hopefully, I can gain some insights and start my journey to my dreams. In the end, dreams don’t work unless you do, right?

Me when I first started this blog. So the future me can look back and remember this moment.

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